Wristband design competition

Time to get creative in our new children’s competition! We’d love you to come up with a design for this year’s festival wristbands. The winner will receive a Big Love Festival family package with tickets for 2 adults and 3 children worth over £480!

Pile of pink fabric wristbands with Big Love Festival written on them.

We need your help designing the wristbands that everyone attending the festival will wear. If you’re aged under 18, send us your design, and the best one will chosen for this year’s wristbands. Not only will you see your artwork on the wrists of everyone at the event, but you’ll also win 2 adult and 2 child/teen tickets to Big Love.

Runners up will be displayed on our website and social media, with credit.

What we’re looking for

We want you to capture the spirit of the festival in the most eye-catching and creative way. We’re a colourful, fun and friendly event, with lots of different music styles, circus acts and artists. Perhaps you can take inspiration from music or nature?

It can be a drawing or a painting, a lovely picture or a pattern or shapes – it’s up to you! You can use as many colours as you like, designed on a computer or using paper (then photographed).

Things to remember

Remember that wristbands are quite small, so small details may not show up very well.

We’ve put some examples of previous designs below, along with photos of how the finished wristbands looked.

The finished wristband will need to say ‘Big Love Festival‘ on it. You can do this as part of your design, or we can add it on later if you prefer.

The wristband will have a small fastener on it, which means not all of the design will be clearly visible. The template below shows the ‘safe’ area which will always be visible – try to keep anything important, like text or the best part of your picture in this part.

What to send us

You’ll need to email us your finished design, as a .jpg or .png file. You can photograph or scan it, but to get the best result we need a clear, high resolution close-up image. Capture an even illumination when photographing your artwork.

  • Size: 34cm x 1.5cm
  • Resoluion: 300dpi
  • Full colour
  • Format: PNG or JPG
  • File size max 3MB.

You can download a wristband template (PDF). It just fits on a sheet of A4 paper – if you’re printing it out, make sure it’s printed at 100% scale, not ‘reduce to fit’. You don’t have to use the template, just make sure your design is at least 34cm by 1.5cm, and keep in mind the ‘safe’ area.

Past examples

Here are our wristband designs from 2022 and 2023, to show you how the designs looked and how they came out as wristbands. We’re sure you can do better!

Here’s the design from 2022:

Pink leopard print wristband design.

and how it actually looked:

Pink 2022 wristband on a person's wrist.

Here’s the design from 2023:

And how it actually looked when printed:

2023 green wristband on someone's wrist.

Closing date

We’ll be accepting entries from Thursday 8th February, and the closing date is 14th March 2024 at 6pm.

How to enter


Once you’ve finished your design, you’ll need to send it to us using the form on the next page. You’ll need to have permission from a parent or guardian to enter.


If you’re a teacher wishing to submit designs from multiple children, please email wristbands@biglovefestival.co.uk with your school/class details and we will send you link to our shared drive to upload to.