The Disco Barn

Follow the call of the disco ball and it’ll lead you right to the Disco Barn.

As the sun goes down, the Disco Barn comes alive. Get down to the sounds of Disco, House, Funk and Soul til 4am – all under our gigantic disco ball.

Disco Barn lineup

  • Bodhi
  • Kaptin Barrett
  • Neil Effing Young
  • YMSP (Yo Momma So Phat)
  • DJ Jaffa
  • Motel Concierge
  • Paul Lyons
  • DJ Lady Casita
  • DJ Comfort
  • Mikee Snooze
  • Dealo Brown
  • Max Galactic
  • T-Dowg Gazillionaire
  • Dave Grooveslave

Photos from Disco Barn

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