Fancy dress theme

Carnival of Colour.

This July we want you to help us transform Big Love into a CARNIVAL OF COLOUR!

We don’t want no pastel shades – bright and bold is where it’s at! Think mis-matching patterns, tassels, pom poms, fringes, feathers, shoulder pads as wide as you’re tall, neck ruffs, parades, painted faces, flamboyant flowers, accessories accessories, accessories! At the carnival more is most certainly more!

So where will the Carnival of Colour transport you?

To the Caribbean, with sun-soaked days and hedonistic tropical nights fuelled by Soca and rum?

Or to the hot and sultry nights of the Rio Carnival, a blur of outrageous costumes, Samba and latin colour?

Perhaps to Italy, for the period costumes of the Carnival of Venice? Elaborate masks, cloaks and historical outfits.

Maybe even back in time to the the thrills and delights of the 1930s travelling fair, with its outrageous acts, fortune tellers, geeks and curiosities?

Or to the jazz-infused Mardi Gras of New Orleans’ French Quarter, with its colourful beads and purple, green and gold costumes?

We don’t mind where in the world you draw your inspiration, so long as it’s colourful! Let’s fill the festival’s dance floors with vibrant colours, carnival fun and frolics!


We’ve put together some ideas on Pinterest to get you started