Gate times, arrival and leaving

When does it all start and finish?

The 2022 festival dates are yet to be confirmed.

When can I arrive?

Subject to COVID-19 restrictions, gates are open:

Friday at 12pm (noon) till 11pm.
Saturday 10.30am to 8pm.
Sunday 10.30am to 6pm.

Admittance to the site outside these times will be at the discretion of security.

When do I have to leave?

We’d love to have you to stay longer, but sadly we have to ask you to leave the site by 12pm on Monday. Hotel guests will need to vacate their rooms by 11am.

Please be sensible and make sure whoever is driving is in a fit state to drive:

  • Make sure they stop drinking alcohol early on Sunday
  • Make sure they have had enough sleep before setting off

To encourage this, all entertainment will stop at 2am on Monday. Be aware that the local police are aware of the festival, and may well be breathalysing drivers as they leave the site.

Anyone we suspect of drink/drug-driving may have their car keys confiscated and will be reported to the police.

Be safe and be sensible!

Can I pop off-site or leave over-night?

No, because of COVID-19 restrictions, unlike previous years we will not be granting re-admission to anyone leaving the site unless in exceptional circumstances.

Vehicle movement and re-admission to the site is at the discretion of stewards and security at the time, and our primary concern is the safety and security of other festival guests.