Big Love Festival. 18th-21st July 2024. Usk, South Wales.

Big Love Festival Frequently Asked Questions

How much alcohol can I bring to the festival?

You can bring a small amount of your own refreshments in with you to drink in the camp sites, within reason. Strictly no glass allowed on site though!

Max per person:

18 x 440ml cans of beer / cider / ale
OR 70cl of spirit (in plastic containers – no glass)
OR two 75cl ‘bottles’ of wine (boxes, bags or plastic bottles – no glass)
Alcohol can only be taken onto the festival site on first entry.

Please don’t bring your own drinks out of the campsite area – the festival has its own reasonably-priced bars and you are liable to have your alcohol confiscated by security. Please remember that by buying your drinks at our bars, you help us keep the ticket price so low.

Pints are priced at £6.

Can I cook food on the campsite?

Barbecues and open fires are NOT allowed in the camping area, but gas camping stoves are OK.

Can I charge my phone on site?

Yes, we’ll be offering a limited number of phone charging points on site.

Can I get cash on site?

No, there are no cash machines on site. The bars and most food traders will be accepting cards only. The nearest cash machine is in Usk, about a 10-minute drive from the site.

Can I leave the site to go to the shops?

You are welcome to leave the site during the day to visit the local shops. Alcohol can only be taken onto the festival site on first entry though, and security will be conducting searches on re-entry.

Vehicle movement is at the discretion of stewards and security at the time though, and our primary concern is the safety and security of other festival guests and the local community. Anyone thought to be moving a vehicle whilst intoxicated is liable to have their vehicle keys confiscated by security.

Can I bring my dog / helper monkey / emotional support Komodo dragon?

No, sorry, dogs and other pets are not allowed at the festival or campsite (unless registered assistance dogs).