Festival access

At Big Love Festival we pride ourselves on being friendly and inclusive, so naturally we want anyone who loves good music and having fun to feel welcome at our festival. A disability certainly shouldn’t be a barrier to having a great time!

If you are coming to Big Love Festival and have any particular requirements or concerns, please email access@biglovefestival.co.uk to discuss how we can help make your time at the festival as enjoyable and as hassle-free as possible. If you would prefer to speak to someone on the phone, please let us know.

We’re a friendly bunch and small enough to be flexible, and we’d love to meet you at Big Love!

We have a document with information about festival access for guests with disabilities, available in Word and PDF formats:

Most of this information is repeated below, but without the photos.

Help buying tickets

If you have any problems buying tickets, you can contact us by email at access@biglovefestival.co.uk.

Personal Assistant tickets

Personal Assistants are admitted free of charge. Please purchase a ticket for yourself, and then email us (access@biglovefestival.co.uk) to request a free ticket if you require one for a Personal Assistant. We may request proof of eligibility with one of the following documents:

  • Front page of DLA / PIP (no specific rate)
  • Front page of Attendance Allowance letter (no specific rate)
  • Evidence that registered severely sight impaired (blind)
  • Recognised Assistance Dog ID card
  • Credability’s Access Card

This is to ensure facilities for guests with disabilities and their personal assistants are not abused by others. We will review any applications without the recommended evidence sympathetically on a case-by-case basis.

General festival site layout

The festival takes places in and around a Victorian hotel. There are 6 main performance areas or stages.

3 of the stages are inside the hotel. One is on the flat lawn directly outside, plus one in the lower campsite and another in the woods.

There are several entrances to the hotel, all of which are step-free. The hotel contains bars, a restaurant and a wheelchair-accessible toilet.

The main camping fields are located a couple of hundred metres from the hotel building where the majority of facilities – including accessible toilets – are to be found. Please note, the camping fields are fields not lawns, so they are pretty bumpy and uneven.

Access around the site


There are two main campsites at Big Love. Both offer step-free access to the rest of the site. There are also a limited number of hotel rooms.

Campsite 1

This campsite is closest to the house and majority of outdoor venues/ food. However the shortest route involves steps – the main stage and lawn is about 90m away, up 23 stone steps. The U & I Radio tent is in this field.

There is a step-free route to/from this campsite to the house, but it involves exiting at the far end, a total distance of around 300m.

We can’t guarantee this campsite is suitable ground for wheelchair users or mobility impaired guests, as it’s a field not a lawn, but the grass will be freshly mown.

Campsite 2

This campsite is slightly farther from the house and majority of outdoor venues/food, but slightly nearer for those requiring step-free access. The main stage and lawn is about 115m away, up 10 stone steps, or 160m via the step-free gravel lane to the house.

Again we can’t guarantee this campsite is suitable ground for wheelchair users or mobility impaired guests, as it’s a field not a lawn, but the grass will be freshly mown.

Boutique camping

If you would like to camp, but feel unable to transport and pitch a tent, then maybe our boutique camping is the answer. You can arrive, park in disabled parking and have one of our stewards help carry your things to a bell tent that’s already set up for you.

Most camping things you need will be waiting for you inside – choose from an airbed with bedding, to a metal frame bed with memory foam mattress. Plus lights, rugs, towels, duvets and lots of other creature comforts!

We have yet to confirm the exact location of the boutique camping, butthe area surrounding it is grass. We can’t guarantee it’s suitable ground for wheelchair users or mobility impaired guests as it’s a field not a lawn, but the grass will be freshly mown. There will be step-free access to the rest of the site.

‘Disabled camping’

We do not have a dedicated ‘disabled’ camping area, due to our small size. However if you have specific needs we can set aside a separate area for guests with disabilities who require specific facilities. In the past this has included providing electric hook-ups for adapted camper vans and wheelchair charging, or camping on the lawn area behind the stage.

If you want to camp but feel the two main sites are unsuitable for you, we are happy to set aside a space on the lawn, behind the main stage, for you to camp in. The ground here is flat, and only about 20 metres from the hotel’s side entrance, and can be accessed by vehicle.

We recognise that guests with disabilities will want to camp with their friends, so we’re happy to allow up to two friends’ tents to camp alongside any guests with disabilities in dedicated areas.


All hotel rooms are located on the first or second floors of the house. At the time of writing (April 2019) the hotel’s lift is NOT working reliably. We hope this will be rectified, but this is out of our control. Please assume that hotel rooms can only be reached by stairs.

The first floor is reached via the Baskerville Hall’s main staircase (about 29 steps) or by a smaller steep staircase inside the house.

Unfortunately there is only one hotel room with a wheelchair accessible toilet (Room 5). This is one of the ensuite ‘executive’ rooms – it’s quite large and has a double bed and a single. This room will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you don’t need a room with a wheelchair-accessible toilet then there are a lot more options ranging from budget twins or doubles, up to executive doubles. All the rooms have an ensuite toilet and shower (and some have baths). Hotel rooms tend to sell out very quickly.

Stages and performance areas

Main outdoor stage

The main outdoor stage is located on the lawn at the side of Baskerville Hall. The ground is pretty flat – it’s a lawn not a field – and is definitely suitable for wheelchair users. There is step-free access to the street food and market area, and to the front of the house. There is also a ramp entrance to the side of the house, closest to the main indoor stage.

Entertainment continues till 10pm on this stage.

Campsite 1 is about 90m away, down 23 stone steps.

U & I acoustic stage/tent

For 2020 the U & I Radio stage/tent will be located in Campsite 1, near the steps. There will be live music (mostly acoustic) and spoken word/ comedy from 12pm till 10pm each day. After this the tent will remain open as a ‘chill out’ area.

The surrounding area is grass. We can’t guarantee it’s suitable ground for wheelchair users or mobility impaired guests as it’s a field not a lawn, but the grass will be freshly mown.

At the time of writing the exact specifications of the tent have yet to be finalised, but it is likely to have hessian mat flooring inside.

The distance from the house or main outdoor stage to the U & I Radio tent is about 45m via 23 stone steps or 340m step-free.

Woodland disco

This area has DJs playing from around lunchtime until 10pm on Saturday and Sunday. Unfortunately the woodland area may not be suitable for guests with disabilities. It is accessed via a long flight of approximately 50 concrete steps (with handrail). The area itself is on a slope, and has uneven ground with tree roots and twigs, and can get muddy. There is lighting in this area, but but it may not be sufficient for guests with reduced vision.

Indoor stage 1 (The Warehouse)

The main indoor stage is located at the rear of the house. There is step-free access to this area, and space is normally sufficient for all guests to view the stage. From here there is step-free access to toilets (about 10m away, but not wheelchair accessible) and a bar.

This stage hosts a mix of live bands and DJs from 10pm till 2am.

Indoor stage 2 (The Social)

This area/stage is located to the right of the hotel reception. There is step-free access to this area. This area can get quite crowded, but there is a space to one side where guests can normally enjoy the performances without feeling over-crowded.

There are more toilets to the right of the stage – step-free but not wheelchair-accessible.

This stage normally has DJs playing from 10pm till 5am.

Indoor stage 3 (Music Room)

This area/stage is located to the left of the hotel reception. There is step- free access to this area. This area can get quite crowded and there is not dedicated area for disabled guests. This stage normally has DJs playing from 10pm till 5am.

Other areas

Dining room

The dining room inside the house is accessible to wheelchair users and serves hot meals throughout the day.

Street food and market

The street food and market areas are located near the main entrance of the hotel, on hard-standing, i.e. a hard surface covered with gravel. There is step-free access and seating.

Swimming pool, sauna and showers

The swimming pool, sauna and showers are accessed up two steps, and unfortunately are not currently suitable for wheelchair users.

Parking and Public Transport


The main public car park is on the far side of Campsite 2, in the same large grass field.

If you choose to park here, you will likely be a maximum of 200m away from Campsite 2 and a little farther away from Campsite 1. Obviously the earlier you arrive, the closer to the campsites you will be able to park. We can’t guarantee the main car park is suitable for wheelchair users or mobility impaired guests as it’s a field not a lawn, but the grass will be freshly mown.

However, if you have mobility issues, please contact us in advance and we will arrange for a pass for you to park in the crew/disabled parking areas. There are two disabled parking options – near the front of the house, or on the hard-standing between the two campsites.

Wherever you choose to park, please let us know if you would like assistance carrying your kit from your car to the campsite or to your hotel room. We will happily arrange for a steward to assist you.

Public transport

The nearest train station is Hereford, and from there a taxi ride (approximately £50). There are also buses from Hereford to Brecon, stopping at Clyro, but they are infrequent. Please contact us for specific advice.

Viewing areas, toilets and seating

We do not have specific viewing areas for disabled guests, as to be honest we’re not that big and there is normally plenty of space to enjoy the performances with views of the stages.


If standing for long periods is difficult and you require a seat at any of the different stages, please let us know.


There is an accessible toilet, equipped for wheelchair users, in the hotel reception area (to the right of the stairs). This is easily reached from all main areas, inside and out.

There are toilets with step-free access inside the house, off the two main indoor stages/venues.

In the outside areas there will be standard portable loos, plus a toilet block. The toilet block is located on the hardstanding between the two campsites and is accessed via several steps.

Assistance dogs

Only assistance dogs are allowed on site. If you need to bring an assistance dog with you, please contact us in advance so we can arrange water and toilet facilities for it.

Medication storage

If you need us to provide secure or refrigerated storage for prescription medications, please contact us in advance and we will be glad to help.

Strobe lighting

There will be strobe lighting at the festival, possibly at all the stages, so if you are affected by seizures, we’re afraid we must advise you not to attend.