Festival access

At Big Love Festival we pride ourselves on being friendly and inclusive, so naturally we want anyone who loves good music and having fun to feel welcome at our festival. A disability certainly shouldn’t be a barrier to having a great time!

We’re still finalising the exact site layout and facilities, and hope to have much more detail in late May 2022. Any information below is accurate though – last updated 20th May.

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If you are coming to Big Love Festival and have any specific requirements or concerns, please feel free email access@biglovefestival.co.uk to discuss how we can help make your time at the festival as enjoyable and as hassle-free as possible. If you would prefer to speak to someone on the phone, please let us know.

Any details of your disability or requirements that you choose to share with us will be treated with the strictest confidence and respect.

We’re a friendly bunch and small enough to be flexible, and we’d love to meet you at Big Love!

Help buying tickets

If you have any difficulty buying tickets, you can contact us by email at access@biglovefestival.co.uk.

Personal Assistant tickets

Personal Assistants are admitted free of charge. Please purchase a ticket for yourself, and then email us access@biglovefestival.co.uk to request a free ticket if you require one for a Personal Assistant. We may request proof of eligibility with one of the following documents:

  • Front page of DLA / PIP (no specific rate)
  • Front page of Attendance Allowance letter (no specific rate)
  • Evidence that registered severely sight impaired (blind)
  • Recognised Assistance Dog ID card
  • Credability’s Access Card

This is to ensure facilities for guests with disabilities and their personal assistants are not abused by others. We will review any applications without the recommended evidence sympathetically on a case-by-case basis.

Festival site layout and facilities

The festival takes places in several fields and woods on what is normally farmland.

We can’t guarantee the fields are suitable ground for all wheelchair users or mobility-impaired guests, but the site has been used for livestock grazing and not ploughed, and the grass will be freshly cut.

Rough tracks link the main areas of the site, and in the event of heavy rain, wood chips will be used to prevent busy areas getting too muddy. The entire site is step-free.

Camping areas

Disabled camping area

We do not have a dedicated ‘disabled’ camping area, due to our small size. However if you have specific needs we can set aside a separate flat area for guests with disabilities who require specific facilities.

We recognise that guests with disabilities will often want to camp with their friends, so we’re happy to allow up to two friends’ tents to camp alongside any guests with disabilities in areas set aside in general camping.

General camping

The main campsite is located about 200 metres from the car park, and about 100 metres from the main stages and areas. The campsites are fields not lawns, so they can be pretty bumpy and uneven in places, but the grass will be freshly cut.

Boutique camping

If you would like to camp, but feel unable to transport and pitch a tent, then maybe our boutique camping is the answer. You can arrive, park in disabled parking and have one of our stewards help carry your things to a bell tent that’s already set up for you.

Most camping things you need will be waiting for you inside – choose from an airbed with bedding, to a metal frame bed with memory foam mattress. Plus lights, rugs, towels, duvets and lots of other creature comforts!


If you are attending in a camper van, you will need to park in the separate campervan field unless we have arranged otherwise. This is around 100 metres from the main stage.

Stages and performance areas

We’re still working out the exact details of stages and other main areas. Most stages will be in fields, so they can be a little bumpy and uneven in places, but the grass will be freshly cut. The new woodland disco should now be wheelchair accessible. Please check back near the end of May for more details.


The main car park is in a large grass field, on a bit of a slope.

If you choose to park here, you will likely be a maximum of 250 metres away from the main campsite. Obviously the earlier you arrive, the closer to the campsites you will be able to park.

Again we can’t guarantee the main car park is suitable for wheelchair users or mobility impaired guests as it’s a field not a lawn, but the grass will be freshly mown.

However, if you have mobility issues, please contact us in advance and we will arrange for a pass for you to park in the separate disabled parking area nearer to the main areas.

Wherever you choose to park, please let us know if you would like assistance carrying your kit from your car to the campsite. We will happily arrange for a steward to help you.

Viewing areas

We do not have specific viewing areas for disabled guests, as to be honest we’re not that big and there is normally plenty of space to enjoy the performances with views of the stages.


If standing for long periods is difficult and you require a seat at any of the different stages, please let us know in advance so we can reserve seats for you.

Toilets and showers

There will be accessible toilets equipped for wheelchair users in several locations on site, including next to the camping and food vendors.

There will also be standard portable loos scattered around the site.

We are also providing free showers for everyone attending. One of the shower units will be accessible to wheelchair users, with extra space for those who need help from their personal assistant.

Assistance dogs

If you need to bring an assistance dog with you, please contact us in advance so we can arrange water and toilet facilities for it.

Medication storage

If you need us to provide secure or refrigerated storage for prescription medications, please contact us in advance and we will be glad to help if we can.

Strobe lighting

There will be strobe lighting at the festival, possibly at all the stages, so if you are affected by seizures, we’re afraid we must advise you not to attend.