Drugs, safety and security

Drugs and ‘legal highs’

Can I bring drugs to Big Love?

Big Love festival has a zero-tolerance approach to illegal drugs, so please do not bring illegal drugs to the site. All persons entering the event will be subject to searches by security; any suspected drugs will be confiscated by security, the police informed, and people in possession of suspected drugs may be ejected from the site.

Can I bring ‘legal highs’ to Big Love?

So-called ‘legal highs’ are not allowed on site, and will be confiscated by security if found, and the holder ejected from the site.

Can I bring NOS/nitrous oxide/laughing gas to Big Love?

Nitrous oxide, sometimes known as NOS or laughing gas is not allowed on site, and will be confiscated by security if found. Nitrous oxide canisters are terrible for the environment and can cause harm to the livestock normally on the Big Love site. Additionally nitrous oxide is covered by the Psychoactive Substances Act and is illegal to supply for its psychoactive effect.

Can I speak to someone if I’m worried about drugs or feel unwell?

We have a friendly, non-judgemental welfare/medical team on-site, 24 hours a day. If you feel anxious or unwell or would like to talk to someone about drugs, please visit the welfare team. You can also find advice about drugs on the Talk To Frank website.

Safety and security

Harassment and abuse of staff or guests

Big Love is a super-inclusive, friendly event. We operate a strict zero-tolerance policy towards harassment, discrimination or abuse of our attendees or team. We will not put up with hate speech or abuse on any grounds, including race, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion or nationality. We reserve the right to eject anyone from the festival for this or similar intimidating behaviour.

What is the terrain like at Big Love Festival?

The festival takes place in the Welsh countryside, on what is normally a large working farm. Paths and fields can be muddy and uneven. There are also woods with uneven trails, and the site can be rough around the edges. Please wear suitable sturdy footwear – not just flip flops! We recommend bringing a torch to help you walk around safely after dark. Although we celebrate freedom, we ask you to be mindful when mucking about. Be sensible and look after yourself and one another.

What should I bring with me?

Bring what and who you’d like to find!* Plus…

  • A face mask or covering to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. This may be updated once government advice is published nearer the date.
  • Photo ID – you’ll need this to get into the festival, and when buying drinks if you’re lucky enough to look under 25, as we operate a ‘challenge 25’ policy on-site.
  • Don’t forget your ticket (paper or digital) and enough money to enjoy some of the amazing food & drinks for the weekend (we don’t have a cash machine on-site, but bars and vendors do accept card payments).
  • A torch is recommended, especially if you’re planning to go exploring after dark.
  • All weather clothing, sun-cream, wellies, sturdy footwear, wizzard’s cape, etc.. Most importantly bring a positive, open vibe… you’ve lucked out, you got a ticket!
  • If you’ve not booked one of the boutique camping options, please make sure you have a tent to sleep in. A torch is a good idea, as the camp sites can be dark and uneven.

Seriously though, the festival takes place in the countryside – the ground can be slippery and uneven, especially in the woods, so please wear appropriate footwear.

July’s weather can be unpredictable – in the past we’ve had temperatures in the high 20s, and people wandering around in bikinis, but even then the nights can get very cold. Please bring warm clothes just in case. If you feel seriously cold or unwell, please speak to security, stewards or the welfare team.

* No illegal drugs obviously.

Medical help and welfare

We have a qualified and experienced medical/welfare team on site, 24 hours a day. If you are hurt, or feel unwell or upset, please visit the medical facility. Please ask stewards or security for directions.

What about security?

Our SIA-registered security team is there to keep everyone safe, and as long as you’re playing by the rules they are super friendly.

There are security guards patrolling the perimeter and campsites, but please be sensible and leave valuables at home. You are solely responsible for your personal effects and belongings. Any valuables taken on-site are done so at your risk and we accept no responsibility for them.

All guests will be searched for illegal drugs on entry. You will need to show photo ID and a copy of your e-ticket matching details on our database in exchange for their wristbands. If you have not provided us with all names for your ticket holders in advance, those people will be denied entry.

Spot checks are carried out to ensure everyone in the campsite and performance arenas has the correct wristband, and security will also check wristbands before people can access the food, drink and entertainment on offer. If your clothing/fancy dress costume obscures your wrist you will still have to show your wristband!

Undercover and uniformed security teams will be patrolling the campsite 24 hours a day.

Any individuals caught attempting to access the festival without tickets or accreditation are trespassing and will be removed immediately from the festival by security or, if need be, the police.

Anyone found in possession of suspected illegal drugs will be ejected from the site and the police informed.