Camping and accommodation

Where can I camp?

The main camp site is located about 200m from the venue and next to the car park. There is a separate area for camper vans and live-in vehicles.

What about parking?

Parking is free for cars and 100m from the campsite.

Can I leave over-night to stay in a nearby B&B?

There are some great local Bed & Breakfasts nearby, and festival guests are welcome to stay in them. The Baskerville Arms is a 20 minute walk away, and there are more options a taxi-ride away in Hay.

However, due to COVID-19 it is possible there will be no re-admission to the site without a Lateral Flow Test, for which there may be an additional charge.

Vehicle movement and re-admission to the site is at the discretion of stewards and security at the time, and our primary concern is the safety and security of other festival guests.

What if I want to stay in a hotel room?

Hotel rooms are strictly limited and tend to sell out quickly. Please see the hotel rooms page to see if there are any hotel rooms left. If not, we have some amazing hassle-free and lovely boutique options for you.

Do not call Baskerville Hall, as they will not be able to take your booking and might get grumpy! Please note, you and anyone else staying in rooms must have bought a ticket – festival admission is not included in the hotel room price.

My mate has a hotel room booked – can I sneak up and crash in their room without paying?

No, not unless you have also paid for a hotel room; there are special wristbands for hotel guests, and security won’t let you up to the rooms without one.

Anyone allowing unauthorised guests to stay overnight in their hotel room is liable to ejected from the festival.

Can I bring a camper van?

Yes, camper vans and other live-in vehicles are welcome for a small extra charge. There are no electric hook-ups though.

Can I park my camper van next to my mate’s tent?

No, for safety you won’t be able to park in the general camping areas. There is a separate area for camper vans; if you want to park your camper next to your mate’s tent, you should arrive early and at the same time so you can both be at the boundary of the two areas.