Camper Vans, Caravans & Live-In Vehicles

We love the camper van and caravan club, you travelling nomads! Unlike other festivals, we won’t charge you a small fortune for parking your camper vans and live-in vehicles; for 2023 the fee is £40.

Who has to buy a pass?

Camper vans, caravans, live-in vehicles, vehicles with awnings, minibuses and vans (with or without a mattress in the back!).

Why have you introduced a live-in vehicle pass?

Camper vans, caravans, and awning-style vehicle tents are required to park in a separate field for safety reasons. Since so many people seem to have bought camper vans during lockdown, ticketing allows us to get more precise figures for the space required for camper vans.

What do I get for my camper van pass?

  • A dedicated field with stunning views across the countryside, only a minute’s walk from free showers and toilets;
  • That’s right, everyone gets access to free hot showers;
  • Happy parking stewards;
  • A warm glow inside.

There are no electric hook-up points and space is limited.

How to I buy a Camper Van/Live-In Vehicle Pass

Please buy your pass in the same way/same time you buy your ticket. They’re available on Festival Pro.

Camper van FAQ

Can I park my camper van next to my mate’s tent?

No, for safety you won’t be able to park in the general camping areas. There is a separate area for camper vans and live-in vehicles, only a short walk from the main camping field. Tents are not allowed to be pitched in the camper van field unless attached to a vehicle.