Big Love Festival. 18th-21st July 2024. Usk, South Wales.

The Fire Engine stage

Ring the Alarm! (but not because the sound is dying – it’s on fire!)

If you’re into electronic music, then look no further than the Fire Engine Stage. Here you’ll find top class DJs spinning late into the night – from on top of a real life fire engine!

King of the Beats

Heading up the Fire Engine stage lineup for 2024 are King of the Beats on Friday night.

King of the Beats comprises 3 legendary sets of dance music producers and DJs: Freestylers, Krafty Kuts and Plump DJs.

Freestylers are a British electronic music group known for their innovative blend of breakbeat, electro, and hip-hop, creating high-energy tracks that dominate dance floors. Their genre-defying sound and dynamic performances have made them a staple in the electronic music scene since the late 1990s.

Krafty Kuts is a renowned British DJ and producer celebrated for his skillful mixing and production of breaks, hip-hop, and funk, earning him a reputation as one of the pioneers of the breakbeat genre. His high-energy sets and masterful turntablism have garnered a global following and numerous accolades.

Plump DJs are a British electronic music duo famed for their distinctive sound, which merges breakbeat, house, and electro, producing infectious and danceable tracks. Their innovative approach and high-octane live performance will get the Fire Engine jumping.

Other Friday highlights

Chris Tofu is a DJ and festival curator celebrated for his eclectic taste and ability to blend genres such as vintage swing, electro-swing, and global beats, creating unforgettable party experiences.

Setting Saturday on Fire

Dance promoters 1 More Thing will be hosting a take-over of the Fire Engine stage, with artists including Aries, Mrs Magoo, Ransom, Jessi G-Shellz, Kaya Fyah and more.

Heading up the Fire Engine stage on Saturday is DJ Aries, a prominent figure in the drum and bass scene and part of the Born on Road label. Known for his deep, jungle-infused tracks and powerful sets, we know this is going to be a bit special!

Asian Hawk is a multi-talented DJ, musician, and vocalist known for his exceptional skills in turntablism and beatboxing, blending hip-hop, funk, and soul into his performances. He’s 6x UK DJ champion, and his captivating, unique sound make him a must-see on Saturday.

Sunday still burning!

There’s a varied lineup of dance genres on Sunday, including The Super Soca Show bringing a flavour of the Caribbean to Big Love, a takeover by Terrain DJs, and a selection of Pangea artists too.