Get creative at Big Love

Calling all creatives!

Creative Team

If you’d like to get involved by volunteering on our Creative Team, helping to decorate the festival site in the week leading up to the event, we want to hear from you!

Tasks range from making and deploying bunting, to setting up funky lighting, carpentry, set-making, sign-writing and decorating stages. You’ll get fed and watered, and a free ticket obviously, and be part of a very friendly team.

We genuinely value people’s contributions, so we’d welcome your ideas and expertise. Sound interesting? Drop us a line below to have a chat.

Opportunities for Artists

If you’re a visual or multimedia artist, likewise we want to hear from you! Whether you create interactive installations, video art, oil paintings, A/V pieces, sculptures or something completely left-field, we’d love to hear from you.

Sadly we’re not in a position to pay, but we’re happy to assist with applications for external arts funding for projects.

We can provide a wide range of ‘canvases’ on which you can display your work or just experiment (acres of woodland, fields, barns, plus lots of up-for-it participants!). Artwork can be created on site, or just displayed as a gallery. Basically, we’re up for most things, so long as they’re legal and creative! Drop us a line below.