Gary Henshaw

Gary Henshaw self defence class.

A 2-hour workshop that teaches you simple but effective ways to physically and mentally defend yourself. Not the obvious festival thing? True, but actually, we think it’s the perfect environment to pick up some techniques to feel more empowered in a class that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

We’ve persuaded Gary Henshaw, a top self-defence instructor, to travel all the way from Nottingham to share his knowledge in a fun and supportive way.

In this workshop we will be looking at signs of aggression and violence and ways to spot this, and to hopefully de-escalate the situation before things get critical.

Then we will go through breakaway techniques to remove someone’s grip to allow us to escape.

We will also cover the laws relating to self defence and reasonable force and go through various options such as striking and kicking and when this is necessary and proportionate to do so!

This will be a fun workshop and fairly low impact and not very physically demanding and is suitable for participants from most levels of physical ability!

Places strictly limited, so advance sign-up is recommended. FREE SESSION but donations appreciated. MUST BOOK IN ADANCE. (14:00-16:00 Saturday)

Booking essential due to limited places! Please sign-up for Gary’s workshop here.