Camper Vans, Caravans & Live-In Vehicles

Camper Van.

We love the camper van and caravan club, you travelling nomads. Unlike other festivals, we won’t charge you a small fortune for parking your camper vans and live-in vehicles; for 2021 the fee is £10.

Who has to pay for the £10 pass?

Camper vans, caravans, live-in vehicles, vehicles with awnings and vans (with or without a mattress in the back…!).

Why have you introduced a camper van/live-in vehicle pass?

Camper vans, caravans, and awning-style vehicle tents are required to park in a separate area of the main camping field for safety reasons. We have to have 3 separate areas: tents, camper vans etc. and cars. We want the camper van area to be between the cars and the tents obviously, but we need to allocate enough space in advance. This way we can get more precise figures for the space required for tents, camper vans and cars.

What do I get for my camper van pass?

  • Hopefully a good spot near your tent mates;
  • Happy parking stewards;
  • A warm glow inside.

We want people to get their campers by their mates’ tents, but in the past it’s been tricky without knowing exact numbers.

There are no electric hook-up points (except for disabled guests with specific requirements) and space is limited. There are stand pipes for water located around the edge of the field.

How to I buy a Camper Van/Live-In Vehicle Pass

Please buy your pass in the same way you buy your ticket.