Earth Day 2023

Members of the Green Team dressed as insects.
Members of the Big Love Green Team in 2019

Earth lovers, music lovers, BIG Lovers… unite! Today is Earth Day 2023 – a global celebration to promote harmony with nature and the Earth. The days are getting longer – the sun will realise what’s going on anyyyyy day now – and festival season lies ahead of us.

“Bigger festivals like Glastonbury generate nearly 2000 tonnes of waste in a week, which is around 15kg of waste per festival-goer.”

We all know 3’s is the magic number, so – while we manifest some rays together – let’s look at 3 quick tips for being a keen, green, dancing machine at Big Love Festival this summer:

  1. Bring a reusable water bottle – micro-plastics aren’t welcome here!

    “Some 7.7 billion plastic bottles are bought across the UK each year, resulting in substantial amounts of single-use plastic waste.” London Gov

    We won’t stock any glass or single-use plastics at Big Love Festival, so please don’t bring any with you either! Think of the sheep! Here’s our magic 3:

    i. S’wheat’s bottles made from actual wheat
    ii. One Green Bottle’s stainless steel bottles
    iii. Hip Circular Economy’s Suga Sugarcane (whaat?!) Bottle
  2. Show the world you care with a carshare! It’s a simple premise – fewer cars on the road = fewer emissions being emitted.

    Last year, Big Lovers shared more love than ever through an impressive amount of lift shares… let’s top it for 2023! Now’s the time to start making friends.

    i. We challenge you to find a Big Lover in your local area; do a shout-out in the Big Love Club House to get chatting.

    ii. Keep an eye out in the Club House for the lift-share chat, coming in June.
  3. Pack only eco-friendly products; sometimes the most damaging traces we leave behind can’t even be seen. Here’s 3 major festival culprits – solved:

    i. The world’s first flushable wipe (yep, those ‘biodegradable ones’ still end up in landfill) with soothing aloe vera and cleansing witch hazel to help you feel extra clean.

    ii. Biodegradable Glitter means no harmful micro-plastics polute the beautiful grassy fields of Cwm Cayo Farm. Eco Glitter Fun has a dazzling range to choose from.

    iii. All natural personal care from Miniml choose their ingredients so that they have minimal impact on the environment. but we especially love their samples and bundles. You can get 10% off your first order there, too.

It’s not all down to you though, no no – at Big Love Festival, we’re taking steps to grow greener every single year. We gathered feedback, we signed up to the Vision 2025 scheme, we asked around a bit and are delighted to have already confirmed some of our new green features for 2023:

  • Drop compost loos (all natural, baby) rather than the portable loos from last year.
  • Dedicated litter team. Volunteer applications are arriving daily; we have them to thank for litter picking through the weekend. There’s still places, apply here.
  • Broken tent drop-o point. We had just 2.5 tents abandoned in 2022… we assume the sun won a brutal battle there, but it was still a sad sight. Don’t do that to us again, please.
  • Festival flags made from abandoned festival tents. The circle of life, everybody – it rules us all. Bet you know who’s behind this creative venture… see Beth’s colourful creations here.

We’d love to hear your ideas and initiatives, drop us a comment in the Big Love Club House.