Big Love 2024 tickets now on sale!

Woodland Stage at Big Love.

Big plans for 2024

We had such an amazing time this year that we’re more excited than ever about planning next year’s event! But first we need your help….

The cost of living crisis has made things hard for lots of you. To be brutally honest, we’ve been hit hard too – lots of our costs rocketed by as much as 80% since we set our budget and ticket prices for this year back in 2022 (seems like a long time ago!).

We’re actually lowering ticket prices

In the face of this, we’re actually reducing our ticket prices for 2024, because we’re determined to keep Big Love as affordable as possible to as many people as possible.

As an independent, not-for-profit organisation, formed through a love of great music and great parties, it’s a gamble, but we hope you’ll reward our faith.

But we need your help

If you love Big Love, you can help us by buying your ticket for 2024 as soon as possible.
We know times are hard for lots of people, but if you’re in a position to buy a ticket sooner rather than later, that will allow us to set our budget in order to book bigger acts and plan some incredible new features!

Tickets are available NOW priced from just £99. Our payment plans start at a £35 deposit, and you can pay the rest off in as many payments as you like over the next 10 months.

2024 Lineup

We know it’s a BIG ask to get you to buy tickets before we reveal our 2024 lineup, but our track record of past artists shows you the quality you can expect. This year we had Nubiyan Twist, The Skints, DJ Marky, DJ Yoda, A. Skillz, Mad Apple Circus, Gene on Earth, Subgiant and DJ Moneyshot gracing the lineup.

Previous years have seen LTJ Bukem, Oh My God! It’s The Church, Panic Shack, Transglobal Underground, Joy Orbison, Esra Collective, KRS-One, Beans on Toast, Ibibio Sound Machine and Kosheen and so many more…

Rest assured Kaptin Barrett, our head of music (formerly Mayor of Boomtown), is already on the case, programming another epic line up.

If there’s anyone you think we should book, join the Big Love Clubhouse and let us know!

The weekend starts early

We’ve had so many people request this, so we have listened! For a small extra fee you can now arrive on Thursday and set up camp ready to party first thing!

What’s new for 2024

You know the gorgeous long field, surrounded by woodland? The one with boutique camping this year? We’re hoping to move some things down there. It’s probably the most picturesque spot on the farm, and has some natural amphitheatres for stages.

We’ll also be making more use of the tranquil central area of the Iron Age hill fort.

It’s a family affair

The biggest change for 2024 is that for the first time, we’re going to allow you crazy music lovers the option to attend with your kids.

Our over 18s-only policy was set by our previous venue at Baskerville Hall, and we just carried this over to the new site. However, this policy means that a large number of people can’t attend because of childcare issues, and we don’t want to exclude a big segment of the festival-going crowd any longer.

Almost every other festival allows kids to attend with their parents, and it also allows us to have more community involvement and importantly apply for much needed additional external arts funding.

With every year that passes, more and more of our Big Love regular family are making families of their own (many of them who first met at Big Love!). We know from our own experience how tricky it can be getting someone to babysit for one night, let alone three or more nights (especially if you’re doing a few festivals over the summer).

We don’t want being a parent to be a barrier to having fun at Big Love, even if you don’t have kids of your own, we bet you’ve got friends with children who’d love to come to Big Love.

We will remain the same event you know and love, with great music and great parties. Daytime fun for everyone; after dark, the Big Love party vibe till 4am. In short, the stuff you love ain’t changing – we’re just opening it up to a wider audience!

Grab your Tier 1 early bird bargain now!