Build it and they will come

Articulated lorries delivering fencing to the festival.

It’s been a mammoth task getting to this point, but after three years and two false starts, Big Love is finally materialising! The build team are on-site, and the perimeter security fence is starting to go up. S***s getting real!

Moving away from our old venue was a difficult decision, but now we’ve begun the build in this glorious weather, we know it was the right thing to do.

Those of you that have been coming since 2016 (or just 2019 actually) are going to be blown away by this new site – it’s next level – and the thought and work that so many people have put into it.

Wait till you get here, you’ll see why we’re so enthused and reinvigorated!

(Having LTJ Bukem performing on top of a vintage fire engine doesn’t hurt either!)

Not got your ticket yet? We’ve just got a handful of weekend tickets left, none on the gate – £125 + BF for all this:

Lineup poster.