April 2021 update

Our mood? Still cautiously optimistic!

Like a lot of you we were sorry to see several larger festivals cancelling in the last week, and from what we hear more big names are likely to follow suit. We completely understand their decisions – without a government-backed insurance scheme, they’d be gambling hundreds of thousands or even millions of pounds on the situation this summer.

Because Big Love is much smaller in scale and is on a site with permanent facilities and utilities, our deposits and therefore our risks are much smaller too. We can leave it till much later in the year to assess the COVID-19 situation and make that call without financial risk.

We’re now in direct contact with the government, and getting regular updates from Public Health Wales as well as events industry groups. And at the moment the signs are that an event of less than 1000 people is likely to be permitted.

The vaccine rollout seems to be making a big difference, and today it was announced that nearly a quarter of adults in Wales have already had both doses of vaccine, and England isn’t too far behind.

Of course the public health situation can change rapidly, but right now we’d recommend you get cracking on your fancy dress outfits for Big Love in July!

Big Love x