What’s new for 2019

There really is a an awful lot of new stuff for Big Love 2019. For the last few years we’ve stuck to what we know works, and just tried to grow gradually. But this year we’re adding quite a few new things….

Nothings getting taken away, so if you’ve enjoyed Big Love 2016, 2017 or 2018, you’re going to love 2019 just as much. Likewise, if you came to our prior festival Troyfest, you’re going to love what’s going on at Big Love 2019!

But this year we’re adding:

Comedy – we’ve got some fantastic stand-up acts lined up for Saturday in the lower field tent. And if you don’t like them, you can purchase limes to throw at the acts from the cocktail bar 😉

Spoken word – poetry and spoken word acts in the tea tent. Sometimes serious. Sometimes funny. Always good.

Discussions – we’re hosting some talks and discussions with some fascinating speakers, and plenty of opportunity for audiences to contribute. Ranging from empowering talks by some real characters, to discussions about mental health or WTF we’re all headed, all the sessions will be short and snappy, but with plenty of time to engage or grow.

Workshops, fun & games – from fitness workouts to fun, festival-style self-defence classes, there will be some fun-but-physical activities to make you feel better about yourself. And watch out for the Fully-Blown Riders, who’ll be ushering you into a world of pleasure/pain on the croquet lawn.

Arts and crafts – stamp out that hangover by attending one of out of our Arts workshops. Get in touch with your creative side, from Burlesque Mask-Making to Weird Photo projects.

Or perhaps Fluid Art painting with Pablo (pre-registration required because this takes quite a lot of art material).

Or even try your hand at stone carving (we shit you not!). If you’re a natural you might land yourself a job in Paris!

Free workouts and fitness classes – we’ve got all sorts of fitness and body healing session at Big Love this year. All free, and ranging from yoga classes to sessions with Bristol’s legendary Drum’n’Bass Workout. Plus the usual free swimming and sauna options.