4 Weeks to Go!

Just 4 weeks until gates open for Big Love 2017!

We’ve added lots more names to our line-up, so make sure to check our A-Z of artists.

Tickets are strictly limited to 1000 people to keep the intimate vibe, and over half our tickets have already gone. There’s been a big surge in demand for tickets over the last 2 weeks, so we honestly anticipate the festival selling out this year.

Split the cost

We aim to be as affordable as possible – just £75 for three days and nights of fun, free parking, with no hidden extras (swimming, flushing toilets, showers and sauna all included), and pub prices for drinks and food. However, we know times are hard for lots of people, and even £75 can be a big hit, so you can now split the cost of tickets – secure your place for £37.50 and pay the rest at any time before the festival.

Camping options

If you weren’t lucky enough to get a hotel room this year, don’t worry, there are still some great boutique camping options for you, from just £34 per person per night: a cosy traditional yurt or even a stunning painted gypsy caravan.

To get you in the mood, we’ve put together a Spotify playlist and YouTube playlist.

Sad news for music lovers

Before we sign off, we were saddened to hear about the cancellation of Safe As Milk festival yesterday.

Although we’re both small music festivals in Wales, a week apart, we certainly weren’t in competition. Unless you’ve actually been involved in organising a small festival, it’s hard to appreciate just how stressful and hard it is – it’s definitely a labour of love, with so many hidden costs.

It was Safe As Milk’s first year, and they were clearly trying to be a bit different – with one of this year’s most interesting line-ups. A sad irony that their liquidation came on the same day as Glastonbury’s big line-up announcement; yes there’s more to Glasto than the headliners, but nevertheless it’s sad to think that a small fraction of their sales could have saved a festival that dared to go beyond Ed Sheeran and Katy Perry.

Of course we hope that everyone that bought a ticket gets a full refund (probably, if you used a credit card or Visa debit), and that staff, crew, artists, contractors and suppliers aren’t left out of pocket…. We certainly have friends who have lost out. With only 3 weeks to go, we can just imagine what an awful decision the organisers must have faced. We send out genuine best wishes to everyone involved.