The Big Love Story

It all started with a sound-system in the crazy, hazy days of rave, when putting on a party meant driving across Wales with a hired generator and convoy of mates in in tow to find a wild spot on a beach, a forest or a mountain to dance together till dawn.

These were free parties where we would dance under starry skies with new found friends, talking of our big dreams. It was about coming together, sharing, dancing and being free. Bringing a tribe of like minded souls together creates something magical.

Big Love Festival is about us reclaiming that freedom and celebrating the coming of Spring over one bank holiday weekend. We’re small, independent and care about the little things that will make your weekend escape memorable.

72 hours of fun and music in and around the grounds of a huge hotel steeped in festival history and set in the lush surroundings of the Wye Valley in Wales.

Live the life you love – love the life you live.