Big Love Festival. 18th-21st July 2024. Usk, South Wales.

Fancy Dress Theme 2016


In tribute to the Space Oddity that is David Bowie, RIP, Saturday night’s costume theme is Intergalactic Cosmic Space Disco!

So take a cosmic trip and rocket into the galaxy to meet the stars, sun and moon. Party at the space grunge disco at the end of the universe with glitter, glamour and sparkle on the dance floor…

It’s the perfect way to complement Alfresco Disco‘s Saturday night Cosmic Disco in the Warehouse (with special guests Bodhi), plus of course The Fantasy Orchestra’s David Bowie Tribute.

Think: Out of this World, Space Cowboys, Space Buns, Silver & Gold, Foil, Sparkle & Shimmer, Galaxy & Disco, Disco, Disco, Neon, LEDs and Electric Neon Umbrellas for Cosmic Glitter Rain… We’re going to another galaxy baby!

Find some cosmic inspiration here on Pinterest.