Penya is a 5-piece, percussion driven, electronic band led by producer and multi instrumentalist Magnus PI.

Magnus’s percussive wanderings in Cuba, Turkey, Morrocco and India have garnered a tribal, alternative dance floor take on Afro-Latin rhythms, which were described on BBC 6Music DJ Tom Robinson’s ‘Fresh On the Net’ site as a sound that’s “been spun by an Afro-Jazz DJ at the end of a three day bender”.

Many of Penya’s songs touch on ancient Afro-Cuban melodies sung by the band’s multi-instrumentalist / vocalist Lilli Elina, whilst other tracks are wide open electronic groove scapes that draw on percussion don Jim Le M’s experiences as a ceremonial Bata drummer. This is backed up by Adolfredo Pulido’s explorative basslines and electronics and Viva Msimang’s dubbed-out trombone improvisations.

Penyas’ releases have been hailed by Tom Ravenscroft, (BBC 6 music), Gary Crowley (BBC Radio London), Nick Luscomb (BBC Radio 3), Best Before (Channel 4), Boiler Room, DJ Khalab, NTS radio, Radar Radio and Gilles Petersons’ WorldwideFM.

Penya’s “Beat your demon” EP and “Acelere” EP are available now via On the Corner records.