András (aka András Fox) is the stage name of Andrew Wilson, an Australian musician who’s earned acclaim for his unpredictable take on electronica. His soft focused abstractions cut a broad path through ‘90s underground house, soundtrack and ambient music.

His work plays with cliches of relaxation, nature and suburbia within Dance and Ambient music.

Fresh from his recent ‘House of Dad’ release, András is experimenting with sounds and pushing his already amazing production skills and musical output to a new level. As well as producing incredible music, András also features a broad mix of local and Australian music via his radio show on Melbourne’s 3RRR 102.7FM show.

Based around drum machine rhythms and new age synths, his original tape recordings are simultaneously contemporary in sound and difficult to carbon date, slipping comfortably between Library Music, ‘90s House and instrumental synth funk.

András has supported artists including James Pants and DJ Sprinkles, as well as recently touring Europe extensively. In a digital, cool world full of hectic pace, András brings warmth, relaxation and gentle grooves to your ears.

Andras Fox.