Gypsy Bowtop Caravans

Gypsy caravan accommodation.

For the ultimate memorable and hassle-free 2018 festival experience, why not stay in a Gypsy Bowtop Caravan.

Known as ‘Bowtops’, ‘Gypsy Wagons’, ‘Whoopie Wagons’, ‘Towbows’, or ‘Romany Caravans’, the beautifully crafted and decorated caravans are hand-made, and are as lovely on the inside as on the outside.

We’ve negotiated a special discounted rate with Greg’s Gypsy Bowtop Caravans for Big Love attendees: £400 total for up to 4 sharing. For less than £34 per person per night, how can you say no?!

Due to the unique nature of the caravans, availability is strictly limited, so we recommend booking early.

Spacious interior

These gypsy caravans are built on caravan chassis and are longer than traditional horse drawn wagons at 15ft long. The spacious interior sleeps four on a double sized fixed bunk situated at the far end sleeping two on top, with a pull out double mattress on the bottom bunk to accommodate a further two people, adorned by gypsy inspired bedding which includes cotton bed linen, duvets, pillows as well as patchwork and crocheted blankets.

The interior also includes:

Storage seating situated on each side of the bowtop
Coat cupboard
Table and stools
Kitchen area with shelving (no cooker)
Lighting run from a 12 volt battery.

Each caravan sleeps up to 4 people and costs £400 total for the 3 nights. Please contact Greg’s Gypsy Bowtop Caravans direct to book.

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